Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ready to Blast Off....

We wanted to go to the horse races this morning (well at least, I did). The racetrack was having a umbrella give-away promotion, and since our move this summer, our umbrellas have not surfaced from storage. We need those free umbrellas! So we got there when the gates opened at 10:00. I mistakenly thought we could go see the horses in the barn areas to kill some time before the first race, but that was not allowed. So we hung around, saw some horses in training walked to the paddock area and then we left (as there was still 2 hours before the first race). Off to a nearby children's museum, where the fun commenced...

Playing Astronauts for an hour.

M just finished her rainbow

R just desecrating the rainbow and gleefully showing sister.

And, on to more serious work.

Thank goodness for Children's Museums! And, for the little reasons to go to them!

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