Tuesday, September 8, 2009

About Time!

I just realized that it's been 9 months since my last blog entry. 9 MONTHS! I have to admit, I was a bit discouraged when no one came to read my blog (yes, I was new to blogging). But, I've missed it. Being forced to take pictures and to write an account of what's happening. Do you all love doing it, too, the writing and pictures and sharing? And, now with all my three children finally back in school (I do miss summer, though) I thought for today I would write about....

My Couch. Sofa. Settee. Vintage find on Craigslist for $150. It's super long - four of us can sit on it without touching! It's just waiting for some foam, down wraps and white linen upholstery. Here it is in all it's glory (or partial glory, the full glory was too gory - that print is, well, you can see it peeking out under the white sheets I have tucked in (looked like it should be on an old grandma's atrium).

It's a somewhat hideous, vintage piece with caning on the sides. Sort of french/swedish gone a bit wrong. But, I love it. As I mentioned, I'm not patiently waiting for some foam as these cushion have burlap, horsehair and springs that have sprung. I have my husband on the lookout for any couches getting dumped so I can abduct the cushions. I want to make one big cushion (I'll glue some free cushions together to make one big one) on the bottom and two back cushions, surround them with luxurious down - I have a featherbed mattress I bought at a garage sale just for this purpose - and some snow white Duralee linen. I'll post pictures of the finished project at some (hopefully) soon date. Here's a picture of Joni's settee. I do like the tan check, but am going for a blue/white/yellow theme in my living room:

See those cute scallops? Love them! Since my last post I have discovered cotedetexas! If you like french design - go check out Joni's website - such a wealth of info! And, for the odd day when she hasn't posted (getting her next tremendous post ready) I love her blogroll! Anyway, Joni has inspired me like no one else. Not only is my house prettier, but it is so SO much cleaner. I'm finding I don't want that nasty dirt marring my beautifully (in my mind, anyway) designed house. Oh, and did I mention my husband is just a little bit sweeter since the house is looking so fabulous? I know he likes it, too.

See you, tomorrow.

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