Friday, September 11, 2009

Gate Ornamentation

My gate has been looking a little forlorn since we moved here, last May. I had been thinking of many ideas to try and spruce it up a bit. I had seen a picture of a used olive oil tin can, filled with flowers. But, since I get my olive oil at Costco and have what seems like gallons to go through before I could justify buying a tin at Trader Joe's, I was thrilled when I was in my M-I-L's garage and she gave me a container perfect for my purpose! Here it is after I had started putting seasonal decorations in it (I should have taken a picture of the container before I started).

As you can see, it's a work in progress. These are just the things I had lying around the house and in the garden. Next time I'm off to the Ben Franklin or the San Francisco Flower Mart, it will be more gorgeous!

J.Covington*Design just posted about something similar using grape hods, on the upscale end of things - he has ones with french vineryards' coats of arms for $450 or he can make a custom one, if you contact him.

If I can find the picture with the olive oil container used as a flower vase, I'll put it here. It was very inspirational and looked easy to do.

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