Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Witch & Cauldron Cake

My daughter's school has a fall event with children's games and lots of fun things for the kids to do. They also host a cake auction, and while I had been going to the event for many years, I hadn't baked anything. This year, I decided to try. I found a photo on flickr that I just loved (sorry, I don't know the baker's name), and modeled my cake after it. Here it is:

I used a round sports ball mold for the cauldron and a wondermold (barbie cakes) for the witch base. Buttercream frosting and fondant cover the cakes. Rice kr*spy treat belly for the witch and gumpaste head, hands, skull and frog. Fondant clothing. Cookie crumb dirt. I used Cadb*ry Flake chocolates for the logs. Using a pearl luster dust on the cauldron made all those fondant wrinkles look awesome - the cauldron looked authentic. My children clustered around me for the day it took to make the cake. And, what took me by surprise is that I won the cake decorating contest (Whoo Hoo!) and then the cake was auctioned off to make money for the school. This cake was a blast to make, and I hope some of you try it, too.

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