Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sand Castle Sculpture

During the long weekend, we headed out to West Marin, to Drake's Beach at the Point Reyes National Seashore. A sand sculpture contest was on and we wanted to see it! The drive out was spectacular - I love our golden rolling hills and cows, here in Marin. Here's my favorite painting (by Martha Borge) of a location along the way out to the beach. I have a copy of this painting in my house - I missed out bidding on the original painting by ten minutes!

What's great is that the sand sculpture contest is very family-oriented. There was a division for adults and another for children. Here are some of the more fabulous sculptures:

The first sculpture we saw was this wonderful horse.

My husband's favorite - a carp.

My children's favorite - a car driving out of the sand.
A few others.

What's surprising is that I have lived in Marin County for almost all of my life and I have never been to this unbelievably beautiful beach. The cliffs along the beach were spectacular. Here was my favorite sculpture (hee hee - my kids on the cliffs).

We had a wonderful time - the weather was perfect (the cliffs act as wind protection and the temperature was a comfortable 75 degrees). I can't recommend this beach highly enough. If you ever get the chance to visit one of the many fabulous beaches and lighthouses in our area, here's the link to the point reyes national seashore website.

Did you do any sand sculptures this summer?

I think we will be entering the contest next year. Now, just to figure out what to sculpt....

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