Friday, July 15, 2011

Baked Alaska Birthday

I wanted to surprise Colin.  When we took our Akaska cruise last summer, the one absolute standout dessert was the Baked Alaska.  So, I went for it for this special boy's birthday.  It was waaayyy easier than I thought it would be to make - you should all try it!  In the picture, above, the cake had been sitting out for a few minutes while I was getting pictures and was melting.  I recommend using a rimmed serving plate for containment.

I used a chocolate cake recipe - you could even use a mix.  I used chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla ice creams.  His friends were amazed - everyone asked for 2nds.  One dad called me up a few days later, saying that he was asking his son what he wanted for dessert and listing impossible items for fun - such as Baked Alaska!  His son said he'd love some as he just had it at Colin's birthday.  So, get out your bowls, ladies.  You shouldn't miss this one.

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